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Useful Phone Numbers

I get a lot of calls from customers wanting to know the number to check on the status of a refund. Those numbers are:

Federal Refunds



You should have the first Social Security Number on your return and the exact amount of the refund before calling this number or the state number.  If the return was filed electronically, you will need the date of acceptance and the Declaration Control number. Both of these numbers are on the Form 9325 sent to you at the time your return was accepted. You may also get refund information by going to the IRS website and clicking on "Where's My Refund?"

State of North Carolina Refunds


Federal Tax Information


NC Information


Useful Addresses

For Mailing Addresses for Federal Forms check here: Where to File.  If you filed electronically, you do not need to mail anything.  If we prepared a paper return for you, then the proper addresses should be on the instruction letter enclosed with your return.