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DWM Tax Service

4522 Old Burlington Rd.

Greensboro, NC 27405

Telephone: 336.621.4885 Email: dwmtax@gmail.com

You Need Help!

Taxes are no fun! Laws are forever changing. Today they change faster than books can be printed and non-professional software can be updated.

Taxes are what we do!

DWM Tax Service has been in business since 1982. Back then I used free forms from the IRS and a calculator to do returns.  Today it's computers and electronic filing.  We use professional level tax software to ensure the accuracy of your return.  I offer convenient hours, six days per week, and I don't just disappear on April 15. I’m here all year long to answer questions and do those returns that you just sort of forgot about.  All at very reasonable prices.  I do not charge based on worksheets but on the basis of work done.  Other places charge for every work sheet generated by their program.  The operative word there is “by the program”.  No entry was made or maybe even needed but you still get charged for each form.  I charge only for what I actually do.  Obviously it’s far more profitable to charge for what the computer does and that allows people to charge a single filer $120 for a one w2 return.  My way will probably cost you half as much. What it costs depends on how long it takes, which is partly a function of how well organized you are and just how many entries you generate.

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If you still want to do your own taxes, just go to 1040.com to file them online.